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I picked the name of ‘Returning Null’ for this blog because it seemed cool and for some reason appropriate. With all the questions/discussions it can raise among any programmers who care enough for their craft to actually spend time talking on a subject like this, I also thought it would be catchy.

I skipped the subtitle for the time as I had no concise idea of what this blog will be. And a subtitle should be that. The one which helps make a point. A point the title started in the beginning.

And then next day it hit me. The problem. My problem at least. That the world is full with programmers who have ego bigger than anything, people who can make life miserable no matter how you try to ignore them. You avoid one, you meet another one. They are everywhere.

And I realized what I want to make the main goal of this blog: to show people how they can recognize little symptoms of egoness and to encourage them to change themselves.

It just happens the title of the blog very much says it. Returning Null, is a way to say:
“Try to imagine, try to accept that from time to time, definitely not all the time, but from time time you do return null.”

You return nothing to a person who asked you for help, advice or service. You might not realize it but you do. And it’s all right. We all do. Errare humanum est.

However, you never ever should believe, think that you don’t. That’s the secret. That’s the problem with the ego. It blinds you. Makes you think you are above all, that you are perfect and never ever wrong, and your code, your indentation, your programming language is the best. All should follow you.

And you don’t even realize that you are wrong and people avoid working with you.

A good programmer is good not only because he knows his domain but also because it’s a pleasure to work with him.

Be always on a lookout for signs, characteristics where you might actually be or come off as an egoist.
Strive to find and fix them. One by one. It’s a long way to go. Nobody is ever perfect, God made sure of it. But he also gave us a whole life to work on it. So let’s start.

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A good programmer is good not only because he knows his domain but also because it's a pleasure to work with him.